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Know, for your own and family’s sake, you need to make a change? 
If not now… WHEN?

A huge & easily achievable step is to reduce your sugar levels – NOW!!


Tired & Lacking Energy?

Having difficulty getting through the day? Want to keep up with your children and younger friends?


Skin Breakouts?

Frustrated with spots and pimples? Always hiding your skin under lots of makeup? Wanting to look younger and sexier?


Already Been Warned About Type 2 Diabetes?

Has your doctor already spoken to you?  Know you need to make changes in your diet? Want to reduce the chance of developing a life-threatening condition?


Frequently Anxious or Depressed?

Worried and fearful in a number of situations? Suffering from anxiety attacks? Want to live each day to the full and be able to embrace life without fear?


Suffering Brain Fog? 

Having difficulty thinking straight? Constantly ‘fluffing around’ and getting side-tracked? Address the issue by reducing sugar.


Needing to lose weight?

Tried all sorts of diets that don’t work?  Realise it’s the carbs & sugar that’s the problem?  This programme will support you.


Frequent Colds & Flu?

Know your immune system is running on empty? Like to get through the year without spending so much time feeling ill?

Joint & Digestive Pain?

Wondering why your knees and other joints are so painful? Want to ‘flow & flex’ more easily and reduce inflammation?

Did you know all those symptoms (and many more) can be caused by
feeding your body with high amounts of ‘HIDDEN’ sugar?

(You’re probably already very aware of the refined sugar issues.)

It may surprise you to learn that the amount of hidden sugar that you’re consuming on a daily basis is likely to be
having a significant impact on your health and wellbeing.

There is so much hidden sugar in the food that is available today that you may not even know you are consuming high amounts!

  By reducing the amount of sugar (both refined and ‘natural’) you’re currently consuming you can
experience amazing changes in your life… even within days!

What if you could reduce – or even remove
the need to take medications!

Some alarming facts to consider when eating a high sugar diet…

  • Sugar suppresses your immune system and can hit your defence against infections (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)
    Sugar competes with your ‘infection fighting cells’ and even up to five hours later can still be depressing your immune system enough so as to reduce your body’s ability to fight bacterial and viral infections.   = One sick person!

  • Children aged five are eating own weight in sugar each year (PHE)
    In the UK studies have shown that children between the age of 4 – 10yrs old are consuming 22kg of sugar per year… the average weight of a five year old.
    = An overweight child! 

  • Sugar causes the same ‘highs’ in the brain that are brought on by certain drugs (ScienceDirect)
    Drugs, such as cocaine, excite the opiate and dopamine activity in the brain. The very same effects are created with the intake of sugar – which is why we crave it so much and become ‘addicted’. = Out of control… ‘high as a kite’ person!

So why not just use Artificial Sweeteners?

Please… I highly recommend you NOT to use them!! They are even worse than sugar for the body  (even for diabetics).

The body of evidence clearly shows that Aspartame (E951), and other artificial sweeteners, can lead to experiencing symptoms such as:

  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Breathing difficulties

  • MS-like symptoms

  • Weight-gain

  • Aggression

  • Hyperactivity

  • Insomnia

  • Dizziness

  • Irritability

  • Epilepsy & Seizures

INTRODUCING… ‘I Reduced Sugar’!
The gentle, step-by-step 21Day programme to become a healthier you!

Are YOU up for creating a better life & wanting a successful change??


Have you already realised that there is far more to reducing your sugar intake than just QUITTING ‘refined’ sugar and still substituting with the hidden ‘healthy’ sugars that can be just as bad – if not worse? By following this carefully designed programme it’s highly likely you’ll end up eating far less sugar than somebody who thinks they have ‘quit sugar’ AND you will find this is a very gentle process.

Think you’re only consuming the recommended 6 – 8 tsps of sugar daily? You may be horrified to learn you could very easily be consuming more than 40 tsps every day when you add up the amount of sugar in supposedly ‘healthy’ foods.

This gentle, step-by-step programme will allow you to live a normal life and you will still truly be able to say, “I easily Reduced Sugar… in 21 Days”!

This programme has been meticulously designed with you in mind.

The person who is aware that they need to reduce their sugar intake in order to live life more fully, feel happier, have greater choices, look younger and live longer!

The person who knows they’re probably addicted to sugar and wants to make a change.

The person who wants to live in the real world and still live a ‘normal’ life.

Who Developed the 21 Day ‘I Reduced Sugar’ Programme?


Judith Paterson – Registered Kinesiologist

I have always been concerned about the health of my clients.

So – how to help people achieve a healthy state they’re desiring, in the quickest possible time?

Many people I speak to have often cut out only the refined sugars. Unfortunately they are then replacing those sugars with other ‘natural’ sugars that are still creating the same issues.

WHY?…  because, unfortunately, – sugar is sugar is sugar and, in fact, some ‘natural’ sugars, can be even worse  for our bodies than refined ones… because they’re hidden sugars.

When I moved into the well-being field in 1994, it became very clear to me that many people are more fearful about ‘having to reduce their sugar intake’ than they are about developing a serious medical condition.

As a Registered Kinesiologist and  ‘Life Tour Guide’ I help my clients as they navigate their way through the ‘hiccups’ of Life’s journey.

The chance viewing of the Australian ‘That Sugar Film’ several years ago, spurred me to carefully design a programme that allows an easy reduction of sugar; to help people reduce their ‘sweet tooth’.

When we become reliant (addicted) to a substance, or behaviour, we need support to make changes.

Being a former teacher, I realise the importance of education and in providing the support and guidance we need when making informed decisions about our own, unique, journey to better health.Reducing sugar is the quickest way to reduce the inflammation in our bodies that then leads to conditions that may take a while to show up.

However… sugar is often considered to be the most addictive substance available.
I can provide you with the support you need to make the positive changes. Allow me to help you live the life that provides greater choices to do the things you wish to do…
Because I’ve personally seen the profound impact that reducing sugar has on people’s health I’m passionate about helping other people to reduce their sugar intake in a gentle, long lasting and sustainable way.
I am so confident you will achieve amazing results from following this ‘I Reduced Sugar’ programme that I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Looking forward to meeting you ‘in the programme’!

My promise to you is to help keep you
focused and supported along your journey

It’s considered that over 80% of the population are eating many more teaspoons of sugar than is recommended for a healthy diet… Even when they think they are eating healthy food.

How much sugar is recommended as part of a healthy way of eating? Between 6 – 8 teaspoons. (One man, who took part in this process realised he was consuming the equivalent of 96 teaspoons per day when he started!)

The hidden ‘natural’, ‘healthy’ sugars we are eating can be just as bad, if not worse, than refined sugar.

And – no matter whether it’s white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, coconut sugar, honey, agave, maple syrup… sugar is sugar!

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I Reduced Sugar is the gentle, step-by-step programme that really works!

I Reduced Sugar is the gentle, step-by-step programme to a healthier, younger, you!

The I Reduced Sugar programme is incredibly different to the usual ‘let me help you’ type of system.

This programme is NOT a diet!

It’s a new way of eating that addresses all aspects of ‘change-making’ so you can embrace the new way of eating, easily and effortlessly AND… you will make these changes while living in the ‘real world’ – still surrounded by so many sweet, tempting treats!

Invariably, when people proudly say they have ‘quit sugar’ it actually means they have quit ‘refined’ sugar. They are frequently completely unaware of the ‘hidden, natural, sugars’ that can be even worse for you.

Let’s make a proper change!

Now you can achieve…

  • Increased productivity

  • Reversing of diabetes

  • Improved heart health

  • Fabulous energy

  • Diminish a fatty liver

  • Sleeping like a baby

  • Less physical pain

  • More choices

  • A different body shape
  • Fewer colds, flu and other illnesses

  • Reduce feeding cancer cells

  • Healthier teeth

  • Clearer, smoother skin

  • Stop anxiety attacks

  • Decisive thinking (clear the brain-fog)

  • More fun!

Jumping woman at sunset


dramatically reduce the odds (up to 83%) of developing Type 2 Diabetes!


Remember – You Will Not Be Suddenly Quitting Sugar!

You’ll be REDUCING the amount of sugar you eat AND changing your cravings for sweet foods! You’ll develop a new way of eating! 

I promise… if you follow the gentle, step-by-step programme, you (and your health professional) will be amazed at the changes you’ll experience in the 21 days!  

Young woman with a cocktail.

QUIT (sugar) = abandon, discontinue, drop, give up, stop, break up, cease, close, conclude, end, expire, finish, halt, leave off = HARD if not impossible!

REDUCE (sugar) = diminish, downsize, lessen, lower, decrease = EASE and much better HEALTH & HAPPINESS!

You may have tried ‘quitting’ sugar before, ‘hit the wall’ and reverted back to where you were (or consuming sugar with an even greater vengeance than before).

You may have tried to go ‘sugar-free’ in the past and then substituted the ‘obvious sugars’ with other foods that you were unaware may be even worse than what you were eating!

This time it’s different… This is actually a completely different way of approaching your sugar intake and changing your relationship to it. 

  • Have you seen the amazing Australian ‘That Sugar Film’? If so, this may have opened your eyes as to how much hidden sugar is in our food.

  • Many UK people watched ITV’s ‘Sugar-Free Farm’. If you were one, did it make you realise you may well be eating too much sugar yourself?

  • Are you scared you will go through withdrawal symptoms and not be able to cope?

  • Do you ask yourself how you will manage to reduce sugar when you are faced with the reality of sugary products everywhere you turn?

  • Is it possible that you are addicted to sugar?

I have carefully designed this programme with you in mind. I want you to succeed… with ease and grace! Yes – you really CAN become that livelier, more beautiful, enthusiastic & healthier you!


Maybe ask yourself these questions…

“Is it time to ‘Up-Well’ myself (and my family) NOW, OR shall I just let things go for a bit longer… and longer… and longer?”

Why would I want to make sure I’m doing my best to change my health?

  • Are you feeling (and maybe looking) older than you should be?

  • Do you want to have far greater energy in order to enjoy your day to day life more?

  • If you have children in your life… What sort of lifestyle are you wanting for them?

  • Are you frightened of requiring medical interventions to deal with the complications of health issues?

Your understanding of how sugar affects all areas of our health, and your example in changing, will set you and your loved ones on a journey for a much healthier and happier life.

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know about sugar creating so many issues! We have been misinformed for so many years but it’s now time to correct that misinformation and make the changes.

As Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

We’ve been fooled for too many years!

I Reduced Sugar in 21 Days!
Are YOU ‘up for the challenge’?

Just think…

How much is this opportunity worth to you over the rest of your lifetime? Try calculating the $$$ value of:

  • Avoiding feeding cancer cells

  • Increasing energy

  • Feeling happier

  • Reducing physical pain

  • Having more life choices

  • Less medical bills

  • Looking younger naturally!

  • A different body shape

  • Avoiding Type 2 Diabetes

  • Healthier teeth

  • Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

  • Reduced colds, flu and other illnesses

  • Addressing fatty liver conditions

  • Reducing (even removing) anxiety attacks

  • Clearer skin

Being bright-eyed, bold and courageous, focused and ‘certain’, never felt so good!
Now you know which direction you’re heading – all is cool!

Please don’t risk your health and mindset
by delaying any longer

If not NOW… WHEN?

It’s better to do it now than when your doctor tells you that you HAVE to – or else! I encourage you to take a giant step towards a long, energetic and happy life NOW!

Any delay will make it much harder when you eventually do make the choice to reduce sugar.

You really can sort things out gently and quickly… and a lot more easily than you might think!!

NB You may be ‘as thin as a rake’ – but don’t be fooled – you can’t see what’s going on inside!

You may be a ‘TOFI’ (that’s thin on the outside, fat on the inside)

Medical scans show that many people who have normal (or even light) body weight
are carrying around hidden layers of fat.

Stored up around vital organs, these layers of fat can put outwardly ‘healthy’ people at risk.

What People are saying about the
21 Day ‘I Reduced Sugar’ Process

“… I’m sleeping through the night!”

“(10 days in…) Since starting this programme I have already found that my sweet tooth is not as strong now. I have been having Stevia powdered concentrate in my coffee for months… Just that one little scoop. Now it’s too sweet and have reduced it to half a scoop. The past two nights I have slept right through night. That’s amazing for me… I’m not a good sleeper. I have even gone into the gas/petrol station to pay for filling the car and not bought anything sweet. I look at the nutrition info and find one with reduced sugar. I politely refuse the food that is dished up out of a jar and make something quick for myself. I am feeling better too. I enjoy the emails we get.”



“… I’m reading those labels!”

“Thank you for a great three weeks! You’ve weaned me! I still have some sugar, but a lot less, and am now very conscious of how it has sneaked in to so much food, so I’m reading those labels! The kids are too.

The great thing is that the children are still choosing low sugar / healthy food 12months after we stepped though the programme. Their ‘good energy’ is wonderful… and I can always tell when they may have ‘over-dosed’ on some sugary treats! ”


“… This way of eating impacted on my migraines so much!”

“The main reason for me doing this programme is for better health, particularly with my migraines. We watched ‘The Bitter Truth’ tonight and wow!!! It all seems to be falling into place for me. Trying to lose weight while eating foods that had been using artificial sweetener to substitute for sugar wasn’t working! This way of eating impacted on my migraines so much!! My body was definitely telling me I needed to do something about it! The speed the ‘I Reduced Sugar’ process is delivered has been just right for us both, especially, I think, for my husband. I am finding your emails very supportive and also, with Matt receiving his emails separately, it helps us both to help each other. It’s great to have the Facebook page as well.”

Anouska & Matt

What’s included in the (Duck v Squirrel)
21 Day ‘I Reduced Sugar’ programme?

Firstly, you’ll immediately receive a welcome email, and then…

  • 21 Daily emails

  • The FREE, invaluable, I reduced Sugar ‘Roadmap’ to keep you focussed on your journey to a healthier you!

  • Excellent ‘Focus’ templates (really easy to fill out)

  • The ‘Closed’ Facebook group for ongoing support

  • Encouragement from Judith, and the other people on their own journeys, through the Facebook group,

  • The feeling of inclusion we experience when we know we not having to do this on our own!

  • Believe it or not this will actually become FUN as you make your positive changes!!

You’ll never look back once you realise just how good it is to live fully, on YOUR terms, rather than reacting to external influences because you’re just too tired to think clearly, or absolutely frazzled with your brain doing a ‘squirrel rave-up’!

Having made that change you will have given yourself a gift of freedom of choice that will last the rest of your life!

Remember – not only will YOU benefit from this ‘challenge’, everybody around you will, too!

I promise, you will be amazed at how you, your family (and even your productivity) will be transformed during, and following, your 21 days. You’ll truly shine a light on your health and your ability to handle life with greater flexibility. When you remove cellular stress, the rest of your life changes dramatically!


I Guarantee ‘I Reduced Sugar’ Will Be One of The Most Valuable Investments You’ll Ever Make For Your Health


Follow all the advice and recommendations that the ‘I Reduced Sugar’ process has to offer your health and wellbeing and I’ll take on all of the risk.

That’s right, if FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, you’re not convinced that:

  • stepping through the daily guiding ‘I Reduced Sugar’ emails
  • completing the worksheets

  • filling in the ‘Roadmap’, AND

  • becoming involved in our supporting Facebook group hasn’t taken your health to the next level then I’ll return your investment immediately.

No questions asked and no hard feelings – life is too short, right?

The advice and support has worked for me, and hundreds of clients, for more than 15 years and I’m absolutely certain it will work for you, too.

Join us NOW – don’t wait a minute longer! Ask your friends to join up, too. It’s always wonderful if you can encourage somebody else – it creates extra support.

Pass this page along to them now! Let’s start a healthy revolution!!


Get ready to fall in love again, with yourself, your life, and the special people who really matter to you.

You’ll truly shine a light on your health and your ability to handle life with greater flexibility. You’ll find you have more choices in your life!

When you remove cellular stress, the rest of your life changes!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I take part in the ‘I Reduced Sugar’ programme?
If you want better life choices you need to take part in this programme.
If you are frequently feeling tired and exhausted; suffering from joint pain or headaches; frequently suffering from colds or flu; often anxious or depressed; overweight; worried about health issues such as diabetes, heart conditions, or cancer; have digestive upsets, or suspect you are addicted to sugar, it may be an urgent need to follow this programme.
Your life could depend on it.
“Since doing your sugar programme I have completely changed. My cravings have disappeared and I’ve managed to lose weight and not put it back on.” Linda
  • What will happen when I join up to I Reduced Sugar?
You will immediately receive a welcome email and an hour later you will receive the first of the daily emails.
There will be a link to the free ‘Roadmap’ that will provide you with the added self-support of tracking your progress through the 21 days.
You will be encouraged to connect with the ‘I Reduced Sugar’ Facebook support group to give you that added extra encouragement to stay focussed.
Knowing you are working with others, and not facing this major life change alone, will provide a huge boost.
“The speed the ‘I Reduced Sugar’ programme is delivered has been just right for us both, especially, I think, for my husband. I am finding your emails very supportive and also, with Matt receiving his emails separately, it helps us both to help each other. It’s great to have the Facebook page as well.” Anouska
  • Why was this programme designed & what is the mission behind it?
I (Judith) experienced a totally unexpected ‘health hiccup’ myself several years ago and then was completely blown away by the Australian, ‘That Sugar Film’ when it first came out.
After viewing the film I sat straight down and designed the programme that has now been adapted, time-tested, developed and honed to the truly effective programme it is now.
I was also inspired by Steve Jobs’ quote, “The people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who do.”
Is it possible to encourage 1,000,000 people look at their life and make positive choices for their health and happiness? I truly hope so!
  • Will I find it hard to make the changes?
This is an easy, step-by-step programme that eases you through the changes you may be needing to make.
You will be carefully guided through this internationally time-tested programme.
You’ll be making your changes as you move through this meticulously designed system that will allow you to live in the ‘Real World’ where you’re surrounded with sweet treats.
I know you will be amazed by the carefully planned steps, allowing you to make the important changes you need to make, and without the fear of withdrawal symptoms.
“We had homemade chocolate cake at work today, I had a little piece and didn’t want to go back for seconds!! This is HUGE for me, today I definitely felt a “shift”, watch this space!!” Alex
  • People tell me I should quit sugar – why am I just reducing it?
There’s a popular belief that just by quitting products containing refined sugar, such as soft drinks, sweets, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, wine etc, that’s all that needs to be done.
HOWEVER… it’s the ‘hidden’ sugar that MUST BE ADDRESSED or we’re missing the major part of the problem.
As Mark Twain so rightly said, “It’s easier to fool people, than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”
Our body actually needs a certain amount of sweetness and, when we can reduce our total sugar intake to 6-8tsps per day (including the ‘hidden’ sugars’), we feel so much better and our life choices are increased many times over.
  • How does this process differ from other programmes?
Because you are guided on a daily basis for a full 21days, you will feel that support that just buying a book won’t give you.
We will be looking at all aspects of reducing sugar, including the mental aspect, that is often missed.
I recommend you also involve your family and friends in the programme so you keep up your motivation.